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Technology Leasing

IT equipment

We can offer lease finance on a full range of computer systems, from a few PCs to a complete network installation, including software, servers, workstations, hubs and cabling, even including the installation and maintenance costs


Almost uniquely we are also able to finance 100% software-only deals, which have traditionally been virtually impossible to finance.


Remember that nearly everything can be leased, so if your new IT Installation also leads into an upgraded telephone system, maybe improved security shutters and CCTV, all of this can be leased at the same time.  We have even leased the new carpets which were purchased after a full network cabling installation required them to be replaced!


Our philosophy is that if it is important to your business, then we will deem this to be an asset and arrange funding for you.  Over the years we have helped thousands of businesses to flourish and prosper by taking a long-term commercial viewpoint.

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