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Technology Leasing are UK based  experts in Asset Leasing. We have been arranging leasing solutions for all types of businesses and equipment since 1989.

Whether you are a new business just starting out or a long established institution; sole trader, partnership, limited company, government organisation, educational establishment or golf club, we can arrange cost effective leasing solutions for all.

Our range of lease funding covers all business equipment including IT software, hardware, office equipment manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, security systems, in fact there is almost nothing that a business would require that could not be leased through Technology Leasing. Recently, we have organised leases from such diverse products as bespoke Architects’ software to a hovercraft.


We can often finance transactions that may fall outside the standard bank funding lines. We will take the risk with new start up businesses so the fact that your company doesn’t have any history will not deter us from helping with your funding.


The advantages to you are:


· Protected cashflow – save your cash for working capital

· Simplify your planning – payments are fixed throughout the term, no unexpected surprises!

· Reduce your tax bill – lease payments are 100% tax deductible

· Avoid obsolescence – opportunities to upgrade during the term of the lease

· Peace of mind - unlike a bank overdraft the facility cannot be withdrawn

· Protect your balance sheet – leasing is “off balance sheet”, reducing the level of company debt and improving financial performance ratios.



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Technology Leasing can now offer exclusive rates for funding of Light Aircraft and Helicopters

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